(whether I like it or not)

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Singing came late to me, but I’d always belted out tunes at the top of my lungs in the car during my straight job/commuting years, and without knowing it, acquired a little technique along the way.

People have a curious attitude about singing. We tend to believe that whatever you can belt out naturally (i.e. untutored) is it — that’s what you’re capable of. As if it was some kind of magical ability you have or have not.

As a writer, I’d already researched that idea, and found it to be scientifically false; very…

This is for you — us — out here in the trenches, freelance writers in the post-journalism era, forced to pander to the whims of the masses and their clicks — the all-important clicks we are paid for. Pop culture is king, and we all know it.

But, even with that narrow agenda, it’s still possible to slip some real journalism — or at least something that feels much more like it into even the most sensationalistic listicle — I swear.

Beyond the SEO optimized headline and that first keyword-rich paragraph, there are ways to insert facts, science, knowledge, and…

Decades ago, I was standing in downtown Hamilton waiting for a stoplight when I noticed a pigeon in distress. It was walking in circles on the road just off the sidewalk, disoriented and apparently sideswiped by a car. It was about to be hit again, and so I knelt down to pick it up and carry it to relative safety by a bush nearby.

A woman started berating me. Are you crazy? Do you know how many germs those things carry?

Silly me. I saw a beautiful bird with iridescent purple feathers. As a point of fact, pigeons are admired…

Anya Wassenberg

My writing, both fiction and non-fiction, has been largely fuelled by curiosity — curiosity about the world, the people in it and how things work.

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